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Counterpoise I Mal Bowen (2009) Fiction UK £7.99


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Appropriate Treatment







About this book

Danny Finnigan was born to a good family who taught him right from wrong and grew up to be a very compassionate young man. As a child he did what little he could to protect animals he felt were being mistreated by those he felt should know better. As he grew older he started to use the gifts that God had given him to help and protect everything and everyone that he saw being abused.

As he approached maturity, with a job, a girlfriend and everything to look forward to, tragedy struck his family in the form of some local criminals. After being badly let down by the police and the criminal justice system in bringing judgement upon the guilty, he began to see himself as a victim and decided to use his now considerably enhanced gifts to bring closure to the tragedies he’d had to endure because of those who didn’t care if they’d hurt or destroyed the lives of other people.

This is the story of a young man who decided to fight back using the same morals and tactics as those who had caused him so much heartache.

If you saw him you wouldn’t know how badly he’d been hurt, because although his scars are deep, they are on the inside.

Learning life’s lessons caused him a lot of pain, but he’s better off than some of his tormentors, because he’s still alive and able to start again.


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