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Cultural monuments of Great Britain I Dr Galiya Janabayeva (2009) Academic UK £12.99 

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About this book

The United Kingdom is a highly developed industrial country with a population of 60,609,153 people; it is the homeland for many nationalities, cultures and religions. The most numerous group of population is the British, they are followed by the Welsh, the Scottish, the Irish, the Jewry; moreover numerous descendants of immigrants from colonies of the former British empire live in the country.

The United Kingdom is a monarchy, but actual political power is concentrated in the hands of the Parliament.

The cultural and art heritage of the United Kingdom is extraordinarily rich. This country was at all times the homeland of many great poets, playwrights, prose writers, artists, musicians and architects.

The content of this book represents the subject matter of cultural monuments of Great Britain and can be considered as a part of the academic disciplines “History of world culture” and “Monuments of the world cultural heritage”.

The main objective of this special course is to acquaint the reader with universally recognized masterpieces of architecture and some other kinds of spatial arts of Great Britain in which its spiritual history is most fully expressed; to reveal the most important regularities of architecture development process; to give a complex of knowledge assisting to identify peculiarities of its picturesque language, reasons for change of art forms; to trace formation of national peculiarities in architecture of Great Britain and to characterize individualities of the largest masters in the process of their creative evolution.


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