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Down the Snakes and Up the Ladders | Cliff Robertson (TBC) |

Fiction: special features


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Archie Winterbottom, known to all as ’Sniffy’, an unfortunate nickname he attracted at school is a modern day Walter Mitty. His lies and deception repeatedly land him in awkward situations. When he tries to get out of the holes he invariably digs for himself he usually only succeeds in making matters worse. He is verging on alcoholism and his daily intake of alcohol fuels his deceptions to the point where he has trouble recognising the truth from fiction. Under the influence of drink Archie is capable of incredible idiocy; his greatest enemy is the bottle but he manages to makes even more enemies along the way. Archie, for all of his faults, loves his girlfriend and marries her despite all opposition. He is determined to turn a new leaf, be a responsible husband and climb the corporate ladder; however, his enemies are intent on his downfall. Does Archie have what it takes to succeed or will his enemies bring him down–you’ll have to read the book to find out?

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