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Ndlovu - The White Elephant | Peter Good (2011) |

Historical fiction

UK£7.99 / US$13.99 / EUR 8.99 / CAD 11.99 / AUD 13.99


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Reviews, Web and Press Features




Reviews, Web and Press Features

NDLOVU! The White Elephant was recently entered in The Wishing Shelf Awards, this is what readers thought. More..

BSA Police Association feature April 2012

Southern Africa Militaria feature April 2012

An exclusive interview by the Villager magazine October 2011

Rhodesians Worldwide September 2011

Featured in the Villager Magazine and the Gazette August 2011



E Worby Posted the following comment on Published Bestsellers

6 October 2011

"I bought this book on a Sunday & had read it by the Wednesday, I really enjoyed it. The attention to detail is brilliant. The author has a very easy to read writing style, that makes you feel as though you are there alongside the other characters. Very well done, would definitely recommend it."


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About this book

Ndlovu – The White Elephant is a pacy story set in Zimbabwe during the turbulent years that followed Rhodesia's Unilateral Declaration of Independence. The story highlights the dangers of police work in the explosive climate of a troubled country during years of the terror war and  is woven around human suffering, painful endurance, and horrors that confronted the peoples both black and white. The narrative is loosely based upon the author’s own experiences in the police force of what was then Rhodesia. Thus the action of his story is set against an authentic background which the author experienced and the impeccable writing style gives a palpable vividness to the events.

A retired ex-police constable, commits murder, he flees the country but has now returned as a leader of a 'terrorist gang', he is on a diabolical mission, he is wily and ruthless but he has one fear–a reoccurring dream in which he is crushed and gored by an elephant.

Tony is a police officer determined to track down a cunning and callous murderer … will he succeed and live up to his name … NDLOVU–The White Elephant?

The author has succeeded in producing a narrative with great feeling, what sets this work apart from any other similar books is the remarkable attention to detail. Not only is there the skill with words that paint a picture, but there is also an incisive insight into the characters–brought to life with vivid description and credible dialogue. From the way the author creates scenes and characters, captures the atmosphere of the moments and the emotions of the protagonists –there can be no doubt of the author’s real involvement in the events recorded.

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