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Onwards and Upwards  I Chris R. Pownall (2011)


UK£6.99 / US$11.99 / EUR 7.99 / CAD 10.99 / AUD 11.99


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Other Book(s) by Chris R. Pownall

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Reviews, Web and Press Features

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About this book

This book is a sequel to Chris Pownall’s hilarious autobiography entitled “Funny How Things Work Out”.

“Onwards and Upwards” recalls more childhood memories generally tinged with humour from Chris’ interesting and colourful life. He reveals more intriguing details from his early life, dealing with a wide range of subjects through to his retirement from full-time employment.

Some of these stories will make you laugh out loud and some that will make you blush or cringe at some of the antics that Chris and his friends got up to in the 50s and 60s. In this book Chris expresses some of his opinions on the quality and values of life today compared with the period when he was a youth, growing up in a Cheshire village. He shares many experiences ranging from exciting travels to memorable outings taken more than half a century ago, to those occurring in recent times.

By the time you have read this book you will have a good idea of what makes this guy tick, what excites him, and what annoys him.

This book is a must for those interested in social history and anyone keen to know how life was in the mid 20th century in comparison to the present day. You will be amazed at the diversity of subjects covered in this book and some of the stories will undoubtedly bring back memories to those of a certain age, whilst younger readers will hopefully appreciate the opportunities that Chris has experienced and relished throughout his happy and fulfilling life. The book is rounded off by Chris’ experience of retirement, including the changes that present themselves, plus the potential problems to be aware of.

You will journey through a period of over 60 years and hopefully at the end you won’t feel exhausted, but rather exhilarated and amused at what has engendered this man to regularly express the following saying – “Onwards and Upwards”.

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