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Straight-Forward Reality to Workplace Success - Understanding What's Expected  I Michael W. Wedgeworth Jr, MBA (2017)

Self-help, Personal Development, Advice on Careers and Achieving Success


UK£6.99 / US$9.99 / EUR 7.99 / CAD 10.99 / AUD 11.99


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About this book

This book is written for people who desire an opportunity to achieve greater success at work–people like you and me. “Straight-Forward Reality to Workplace Success” focuses on you as an individual, and provides you with valuable information and understanding that will support you on your journey to vocational success.

The book was developed as a short read and a guide to build on current strengths, but also to identify weaknesses and set a precise pathway to improve. It provides the foundational knowledge for career development; clearly stated in a matter-of-fact way. It is geared towards those entering the workforce while in high school, after college or for those currently in employment.

Michael has worked in environments that have been beneficial to his success and also environments that have been challenging. He has worked with good leaders and inept ones. He has worked with constructive team members and those that are negative. Michael has taken all these experiences and knowledge; distilled them and developed a book that will provide you with the guidance and insight you need in your quest for a successful career..

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