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The Flame Lily Weeps I Dr. Ross Gordon Cooper (2009)

Other Non Fiction

UK£6.99 / US$11.99 / EUR 7.99 / CAD 10.99 / AUD 11.99


Readers' comments


By Nicky Pearce 16/06/11

Thank you Ross for sharing your memories with us, both in 'Flame Lily Weeps' and 'Present'. I laughed and cried as my childhood came rushing back to me over the pages. Some things which had been forgotten, came rushing back in an 'easy read' book devoid of the usual political comments.

I passed both books on to my sister who NEVER reads books and she read both of them in one day and her comment was 'awesome' when she gave them back to me.

There you go - if you want me to elaborate more, let me know!







About this book

This unique autobiography describes the life of a white Zimbabwean growing up in Rhodesia, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia and subsequently after the attainment of independence on 18th April 1980, in Zimbabwe, and, thereafter, his move and settling in the UK. It provides a comfortable, quick read and is not meant to be an exhaustive, family, historical or political account. Instead, it was born from a desire to reveal and elucidate the perspectives and truth of poignant issues in the country’s transition from a British colony to an independent, one-party state. This book gives an insight into the build up to the political and economic anarchy that has thrown Zimbabwe into a financial abyss and that transformed the bread basket of Africa – a one time flourishing country into a land ravaged by hunger, disease and poverty. Highly Recommended!


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