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Theyíre all foreigners abroad I Stuart Wright (2009) Travel

UK £7.99 | US $13.99 | EUR 8.99 | CAD 11.99 | AUD 13.99


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Reviews, Web and Press Features



Reviews, Web and Press Features

"A great book to read when on holiday", a review. January 14 More..

Halifax Courier 15 Jul 09

Euro Weekly News Stuart Wright 13 August 2009

Gibraltar Chronicle 16 September 2009

The Leader Newspaper 2009-11-12 - Archived

The Leader Newspaper 2009-11-12 - Live Link for comments



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About this book

Why do the Brits have such a bad reputation whilst on their holidays abroad?

What is it about us that make us stand out from other tourists? We are a strange nation, but I donít think that weíre much different to everyone else, apart from maybe the alcohol consumption. You donít have to be British in order to wear socks with sandals and you certainly donít have to be British in order to be a bigot, a slob or a snob. Stereotyping can be dangerous, but I guess we all do it from time to time and letís be honest; we Brits are not difficult to take the mickey out of whilst on our hard earned holidays.

You never know, you may recognize yourself; I would be surprised if you donít. If the cap fits, wear it. It could be me, it could be you, and it could be him or her over there. If you say that you donít recognize yourself within this book then quite frankly, I donít believe you. Go on, have a laugh at yourself. Weíre all guilty of being petty and stupid in one way or another, especially on holiday!

If you havenít done it then youíve seen it, and if you havenít seen it then youíve thought it. You wonít have to look very far to find yourself in this book!

This book is a lighthearted hilarious A- Z inventory of what you can expect to see or experience on your holiday abroad; ranging from the serious to the ridiculous - so relax, sit back soak up the sun and enjoy!


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