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Wreckers and other strange tales I Harry Riley (2014)

Fiction: Short Stories, Supernatural thriller,

UK£6.99 / US$11.99 / EUR 7.99 / CAD 10.99 / AUD 11.99


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Book(s) by this Author


Book(s) by this Author

Sins of the Father

Captain Damnation and other strange tales

The Laird of Castle Ballantine

Wreckers and other strange tales




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About this book

With over thirty tales in this collection I agonised over which of them should be the cover story. However, the bleak solitude of those storm-tossed light-towers, often built off some wild and windswept, rocky coast, has always fascinated me, and so I chose the drama of the sea, with: ‘Wreckers.’

Even the most elevated families seem to have a black sheep who does not conform, and in ‘Twice Loved’ a wayward young son is to be disowned and banished forever.

In the ‘Curse of Khartoum’ a despised mis-fit goes off at a tangent, with surprising results for everyone concerned.

Things are rarely as black and white or as straightforward as they seem, and I hope these little tales will show that nothing in life should be taken for granted, or at face value. I leave you to decide if you think I am right. H.R.

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